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Background of Establishment

The purpose of the Association is to improve the quality of medical treatment of patients with diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems and musculoskeletal system by studying and developing electrodiagnostic medicine, and to promote friendship among the members.
To this end, after the establishment of the Association, we have invited domestic and international scholars through academic conferences every year to learn about the latest developments and new discoveries in the field of electrodiagnostic medicine and publish many excellent studies in various institutions.

In addition, since 1999, the Association has been publishing the journal, and has been making efforts for information exchange and academic development in the field of electrodiagnostic medicine. In 2002, as these activities and efforts were recognized, the Association joined the Korean Academy of Medical Sciences as an associate member, which facilitated the academic activities and information exchange of the association.
The regular members of Korean Association of EMG-Electrodiagnostic Medicine consist of physiatrists and neurologists in Korea and the Association also has the associate and honorary membership systems.

Past and Current Officers

Past presidents and chairpersons of the board

1996.12-1998.2 1998.2-1999.3 1999.3-2000.2 2000.2-2002.1 2002.2-2002.10
President Kang-Mok Lee Jin-Ho Kim Se-Yun Kang Hang-Jae Lee Kyung-Hoi Ahn
Vice President Jae-Ho Moon
Il-Nam Sunwoo
Jae-Ho Moon
Il-Nam Sunwoo
Jae-Ho Moon
Il-Nam Sunwoo
Jae-Ho Moon
Il-Nam Sunwoo
Jae-Ho Moon
Il-Nam Sunwoo
2002.11-2003.7 2003.7-2004.8 2004.9-2005.6 2005.7-2006.5 2006.6-2007.5
President Jae-Ho Moon Sunwoo Il-Nam Tai-Ryoon Han Jae-Ho Moon Sunwoo Il-Nam
Vice President Il-Nam Sunwoo
Tai-Ryoon Han
Tai-Ryoon Han
Seung-Min Kim
Seung-Min Kim Seung-Min Kim Seung-Min Kim
2007.6-2009.5 2009.6-2011.5 2011.6-2013.5 2013.6-2015.5 2015.6-2017.5
President Il-Nam Sunwoo Tai-Ryoon Han Seung-Min Kim Hee-Kyu Kwon Kee-Duk Park
Vice President Hee-Kyu Kwon Kee-Duk Park Young-Jin Ko Kee-Han Kwon Dongsik Park
President Young-Jin Ko        
Vice President Young-Chul Choi        

Major Activities

The academic conferences that have been held annually since the inaugural general meeting consist of workshops, presentations, and lectures, and focus on the techniques and information that are useful in clinical practice. In addition, we invite scholars who are actively engaged in research abroad to learn new knowledge. Since the first academic conference was held at the New World Hotel on November 28, 1997, the annual academic conference has been held every year except for the year 2000. Although it was not held in 2000, annual academic conference began to be held again in 2001. Since 2003, annual conferences, workshops and training courses have been held separately. A total of 18 academic conferences were held by 2015. To standardize and improve the quality of electromyography (EMG) and other electrodiagnostic tests, the Korean Association of EMG-Electrodiagnostic Medicine has conducted its own electrodiagnostic medicine quality control examination voluntarily for faculty members responsible for residency training. We have made every effort to maintain the proper quality of the quality control examination conducted every year since the first examination in 2008.

Journal Publication

Korean Title ѱ - ȸ
English Title Journal of the Korean Association EMG-Electrodiagnostic Medicine
Issued 2 times a year, Vol. 20, No. 2 published most recently

Status of Members

A total of 785 members (regular members)